Too busy to write?

Okay, I’ve had a very busy week.  Lots going on, more than normal.  How does one find time to work on their writing when they don’t have time to write?  Writing is, well, actually more than just writing.  Somehow writers find time to write, or at least work on their writing when they don’t have time to write.

I steal time over breakfast proofreading or editing a MS, marking it up to revise later.  I’m not green when it comes to revising.  I have to print it out.  I know, I know it’s awful, and waists paper, but before you shun me, I do use both sides.  After marking it up on one side and revising on the computer, I draw Xs across the pages and print the revised version on the other side.  Maybe I could be considered half green.

Proofing at breakfast, in the car, waiting for someone or anytime you can steal a few minutes is, well, part of writing.  It has to be done.

Even watching a movie or show on TV can be used for searching market books to find where to send my next submission.

And don’t forget to keep an old copy of Writers Digest or two in the car.  Just in case.  Sometimes it is nice to re-read some of the articles.

On your busy days, how do you find time to write, or at least pursue your writing?


Black Friday, not just for money.

It’s Black Friday!  To business owners, this is the day to get out of the red and into the black on their bottom line.  To consumers, it is a day for sales, and going into the red and out of the black on their bottom line.

To me, as a writer, it makes me think of the lines I have written this last year and how much black I have put on paper.  Sure writing is a business, but I prefer to look at Black Friday to measure how much black ink I have actually used in my craft.  Each year from now own, Black Friday will make me stop and think about my bottom line as a writer.  Am I writing enough?

Pick and Choose

Do you write articles for magazines that post a list of themes? Do you write one for each theme that is listed, or do you pick and choose?

For some writers it is fine to write something for all of them. I like to pick and choose the ones that really interest me so I can devote more energy to the few I like the most.

So like a picky editor, I’m a picky writer. Are you?


Ok, you get sorta good news from a publisher, but it’s not a sale yet. Do you tell anyone? Does it jinx the deal if you tell. Do you keep quiet? It’s your own little secret.

What do you do?

Ideas are everywhere!

You get ideas while you drive, shower, and work. Or when you try to fall asleep, or just free write. You sit at your desk ready to write and nothing happens.
That’s fine, you say. I’ll check my email. You do. Wow, that’s interesting, you think as you click on a link in a funny email you just opened. The link takes you to some strange web site that gives you an idea. You Google the idea word you thought of. Then you get more ideas from the first idea and you Google a few of them. Now you have a ton of ideas, but still nothing is written on your paper.
Is it writer’s block? Or something worse?
Does this happen to you? How do you handle it?