Okay, you’ve written, revised, rewritten, revised again.  Let it rest.  You read it, revise it. Let it rest.  You….

Okay, so, how do you know when you are finished?



12 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. When I think to myself, “Okay, I have to cut the umbilical cord sometime.” I don’t know that there is a set time or a set number of times for revision. Each piece is different to me – some need more work than others.

  2. I know I’m finished when I start rewriting the entire book. I mean, I can’t make it PERFECT. I can only make it as perfect as I can.

  3. Only after I’ve sent it into my critique group and my editor. And I feel good about it. That’s the key for me. If I have doubts about it, then chances are they were warrented doubts. But if I don’t, then I know I’ve done all I can with it for now.

  4. Rick, how timely. I just sent my latest MS off to my agent. Though she’s the one who really tells me I’m finished for now. Ultimately it will be my editor who really decides when the piece is completely finished. But as for when I know it’s ready, I go with my gut. When you’ve revised enough and are happy with the piece, go with it.

    • Thanks, Kelly. I guess it all comes down to just that. We have to go with our gut feeling. Sometimes I think the whole writing process is like that. The Ideas we get, which ones to go with. The plot twists, the characters… I’m getting sidetracked.

      As always, Thanks for sharing.

  5. All is great advice. Sometimes we just have to let it go knowing we have done the best we could. If it comes back to us then we just start again. If we kept
    rewriting we would never get any thing sent and accepted.
    Go For It.
    Ann B.

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