Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Yep, that’s all.  Just have a Happy New Year.



What to do with all those  leftovers?  Throw some out, freeze some, and re-heat others.

It’s getting close to the end of the year.  I have been revising some finished pieces.  Now I am going to look over some of my leftover ideas, bits and pieces to see which ones I want to re-heat and try to develop, and which ones to keep frozen.  I never throw any thing out.

Guess this is my last Monday post of the year so:

Happy New Year!


Yeah, plumbing.  Freezing weather brings frozen pipes.

We have a small cabin we used to lease out as a shop.  This past year we decided not to rent it so we could start another one of our ideas in there.  We have had the water off for the last few months, because we aren’t ready to open it for business.  With all the valves open, to give the pressure somewhere to go if it does freeze, their was one that froze anyway.  It was the one going to the commode tank.  I Forgot to lower the float.  Anyway, It froze.

While working on the pipes, it made me think of my writing – how many pieces do I have that have been rejected and I keep submitting them to different markets.  Maybe I need to take another look at them and check for leaks.  The last time I looked at them they looked fine, but so did my little cabin.  Maybe there is something I have overlooked.  The words are not etched in stone, or frozen in time.  I can change them.

For the final weeks of this year I am going to look over some of my forgotten pieces and do some plumbing.  Patch up all the holes and warm them back up.

That’s what I’m thinking.  How ’bout you?


Hi all, just wanted you all to know that I will only be posting a new topic on Mondays for a while.  I will be reading, and commenting on your posts, almost every day.

So, till Monday, have a happy day!


What Gives? What do you give up to be able to write?

Movies, hobbies, special events, concerts, video games…  the list could go on and on.  I followed my songwriting and music dream for many years, received publishing contracts for five of my songs, two were for children’s songs.  Life got in the way, just when I was getting close, or at least getting started.

Now I am happy with a different kind of writing.  I still have to do the market research, write  letters, collect rejections and all, but I don’t have to sequence drum tracks and record demos.    I miss it, but it actually felt more time consuming than writing stories and articles even with the research.  Guess I had to pick one to follow now.  I choose writing.

What do you miss?